We have just added our Customer Testimonials page and currently adding in content. Our testimonials are reviews we have had from our Facebook and Twitter pages, they also come from thank you emails we are sent.

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Hi, just wanted to say thank you so much for my order (and for my Christmas order too)

The orders both arrived on time, very friendly delivery men (despite the rotten weather on both occasions) and the produce was amazing! I have never seen such a large celeriac in my life!

I hope you will be able to get Cyprus new potatoes again, as they are my favourites. My only disappointment is that you don't sell Jerusalem artichokes.
I will certainly keep ordering from your site, and thank you again.

Kathryn Merry

Review by Kathryn Merry 12/02/2021

Such a good service and produce is always amazing – thank you!


Review by Mrs K Williams 12/02/2021

Hello there


I had my first delivery from you last week.  I’ve been a customer at your stall in the market for a few years now and your staff have suggested on numerous occasions that I use the delivery service as I am restricted to what I can carry, but I’ve always liked to be able to see what you’ve got and select my own fruit and veg.


So last week I had quite a large list so thought I’d try the online delivery.  I found your website was really straightforward to use.  The quality of my order was great – couldn’t have chosen better myself!  I was a bit worried I might get loose veg in plastic bags, so the paper bags were much appreciated.   Only query I have is I would have liked to have loose brussel sprouts rather than a net so I didn’t order any, (though will be picking some up from the stall this week).  


I’ll definitely use the delivery service again when I have a large list and will also continue to use your stall. 


Thank you for a great service


Review by Margaret 12/02/2021

Outstanding service, excellent- thank you so much

Review by Sandra Jones 12/02/2021

Hi All 
This is my 2nd time ordering with you.
The box that you left on my front door, was better than receiving a bunch of flowers!!!
The colours were vibrant, and most importantly, deliciously fresh.
Very easy to order and pay. Delivery very prompt.
If I had known that you delivered I would have ordered before.
Very impressed, Thank you.
Kind regards 
Susan Crocker

Review by Susan Crocker 12/02/2021

I am so over the moon with my first order. I can’t believe that my box arrived early this morning after only placing the order quite late last night. It made our day in this household. The quality of everything is exceptional, and I want to say the biggest thank you for providing such a wonderful service. Your driver was so kind too. I look forward to my future orders. 

Review by Rebecca 12/02/2021

I'm always very pleased with the fruit and veg you provide, and the reliable deliveries. 
You offer an excellent variety on the website, and ordering is easy, even when I'm on my phone, rather than the computer. 
The only request I would make is to reinstate the 'no plastic' option, please - I'm more than happy to have my items delivered unwrapped in a big box, and would much prefer not to have plastic bags. 
Many thanks
Fiona Gannon

Review by Fiona Gannon 12/02/2021

Thank you so much for the £45 fruit and veg box you delivered to me yesterday. I was over the moon with the standard and variety of produce I received and will definitely be ordering from you again. 
Katherine Sails

Review by Katherine Sails 12/02/2021

I think your website is brilliant.

Previoulsy when I have been unable to come to one of your stores I have rung up to order. This has always been a great service and the girls I have spoken to have always been very friendly and extremley helpful. My friend shops with you on line so I thought I would give it a go.

I was very impressed with the website and how easy it is to use. much better than a lot of the big well known  shops on line services.

I have always been happy with the produce I have received and the delivery men are so accommodating and friendly.

I have recommended your service to friends who are also happy with it.

Many thanks

Sue Charles-Phillips   

Review by Sue Charles-Phillips 12/02/2021

Excellent idea!  i received my first plastic free order today - YAY!!!  i'll save the paper the bananas were wrapped in and cardboard box to return with my next order.  I'm super impressed you guys have been so proactive regarding plastic.

Review by Charlotte 18/01/2018

Many thanks for email regards no plastic bags for veg/fruit delivery. I think it is a fantastic decision to make and fully support Choice is Yours for making this decision. I certainly will be clicking the no plastic button when I make my next order!
Kind regards
Natalie Gordon Curr


Review by Natalie Gordon Curr 18/01/2018


Your products are always excellent!!! I absolutely love unloading the veg box to see what's in there.    The website is easy to use too.

Best wishes 


Review by Alison 04/11/2016

Excellent service. I have just done all my veg shopping for the  week in under a minute! The produce packed in the boxes is always of a high standard. Diolch a Blwyddyn Newydd dda! x

Review by Sian 28/06/2016

Hi there,
Just to say that I really like your produce.  It is always fresh and lasts longer than anything bought at a supermarket. 
 If I do not get enough for a delivery, then I call in and buy from one of the shops either in Mumbles or in the market.
Thank you for your friendly and efficient service.
Linda Pope - one very satisfied customer

Review by Linda 28/06/2016


I would just like to thank you for doing the fabulous fruit basket and delivering it to Step Ahead. They were over-awed with it and said they have never wanted to eat fruit so much after seeing it all presented so beautifully. Thanks ever so much. Dawn xx

Review by Dawn 28/06/2016

Hi there , 
Just a little note to say thankyou what a fantastic service you offer. I was lucky to receive a fruit basket from you recently I was so overwhelmed I didn't say thankyou properly . 
Many thanks

Review by Lorna 28/06/2016

Great service and fab produce!  I try and buy all my fruit and veg here where possible.  Online service and free home delivery just makes this so much easier.  Thanks all!




Review by Maria 28/06/2016


Review by Chloe 09/05/2016


Review by Rachel 03/02/2016

The choice is fantastic... The freshness is amazing. and the staff are amazing

Review by Simon 15/01/2016

I am so pleased with the delivery service. All of our fruit and veg delivered today for Christmas - delivered with a smile and so helpful. The fruit and veg is in perfect condition - no queuing for hours in supermarkets anymore. Thank you so much. Definitely recommend you to everyone! Merry Christmas to you all. xx

Review by Susan 15/01/2016

Great veg and salad delivered in time for Christmas. Also big thank you to the girls on the stall in Swansea Market for finding my wallet and ringing me to let me know it was missing.

Review by Paul 15/01/2016

Top staff, top produce. Always displayed beautifully, fantastic service.

Review by Rachel 15/01/2016

I have been using the free home delivery service. Always arrived on the correct day, and is always fresh and of great quality. Always happy to recommend to others, instore or home delivery. Many thanks.

Review by Richard 15/01/2016

Fantastic fruit and vegetables... Always served with a smile... And free delivery

Review by Mumbles Gower (Facebook) 15/01/2016

Excellent quality Fruit and Veg. Great service too.

Review by Heidi 15/01/2016

Fantastic quality produce!

Review by Nicky Thomas 11/08/2014

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